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In order to help customer learn the install methods quickly, I have wrote this article. It’s very easy to install, just have five steps. Have a look together now.

Step 1
The U-part wig can be adjusted the opening of "U" shape according to your head size. When getting the wig, don't rush to install it right away. You can put it on your head first to compare, to decide you will wear it at middle part or side part.

According to the size of your head (Make sure the wig fits the back of your head), determine the opening size of "U", which means how much hair you need to leave out.

Step 2
Section off a bit of your natural hair around your edges (aka “baby hairs” at the front on both sides. Then, tie the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, and pin the ponytail securely with bobby pins.

Note: If your hair is longer than shoulder-length, we recommend cornrowing your hair down around the leave-out.

Then, you can start the regular installation steps.

Step 3
Next, put the wig on from the center of the u-part, and clip it down wherever there are clips, making sure that the wig lays flat on your head.

Step 4
Part your leave-out in the direction you desire, and flat iron each section down accordingly, making sure to cover the edge of the u-part opening of the Brazilian lace front wig.

Step 5
Lastly, flat iron your leave-out together with hair from the wig so that it blends smoothly & seamlessly.

U part wig is one of the newest hottest trend on the market. It’s a fast and easy protective style! U part wigs human hair are a great kind of wig for beginners. Don’t hesitate to choose it on our store - West Kiss Hair Review. We also provide different kinds of cheap lace front wigs. You can also customized your own special colored wigs human hair on our store. Always there waiting for you.